mia consulting

mia is a tool designed to help consultants with their work, they face many engineering challenges such as : more open actors systems, the crossing of various problematics, the analysis and representation of datas, leading complex projects … all of this while allowing an adaptation to their expertise and to the way their your clients work.

Used as a tool to animate end capitalize, mia is an amazing way to speed up and improve offers of consulting and accompanying. It allows you to collectively create maps of your ressources, cartography ecosystems, share diagnosis, build project forms and action plans… mia web and mobile applications offers so many possibilities ! Become an ambassador and enjoy it !

Our solution allows you to

becoming a mia ambassador

Contact us to get the « mia ambassador » label, it allows you to use, for one or several missions, the web and mobile mia apps and the mia brand, but also to benefit from a technical and methodological support and to be a part of the mia ambassadors’s community during all the time of your contract.

our successes with clients

  • mia est utilisée par le cabinet de conseil Faireici dans le cadre de l’animation de ses missions de conseil. Cartographie des ressources du territoire, définition des fiches chantiers et pilotage des plans d’action, les fonctionnalités mobilisées sont nombreuses au service de la facilitation et de l’accélération de ses prestations.
    Cabinet de conseil Faireici